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Casper and Hydrotherapy

Meet Casper

Casper was referred for Hydrotherapy following bilateral Femoral Head and Neck Excision surgery in February 2020. Casper had an unfortunate accident back in February which left him needing major reconstruction to both hips.

Casper’s owner has noticed Casper isn’t quite as active as he was before surgery and that he can’t jump up onto certain surfaces any more as he lacks strength and muscle mass in his hind limbs, which is why he was referred for Hydrotherapy treatment.

Casper was our very first feline patient and he did his species proud! He was impeccably well behaved and took to it like a true champ, once he got over the initial panic of the water!

Hydrotherapy for any animal is highly beneficial following surgery or injury, and our feline friends shouldn’t have to miss out. 

We are looking forward to seeing Casper again and hope to meet many more cats in the Hydro department.