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Arranging a Referral

How to be referred to us

Arranging a Referral

How to be referred to us

We would like to welcome you to Moorview Referrals and hope we can be of assistance in treating your pet. Our aim is to work closely with you and your referring veterinary surgeon and here are a few points to ensure that your referral is dealt with as smoothly as possible.

Please note, we can only accept referrals from referring veterinary surgeons. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, please contact your vets in the first instance.

  • Your referring vet 

    Usually, your referring vet will have contacted Moorview Referrals via our online platform. This will include x-rays with all the relevant information we need. However, on occasions, you may need to bring a letter or x-rays from your referring vet with you.

  • Medication

    It may be preferable in some cases to withhold some medication prior to referral however please do not stop any medicines until you have talked with your own vet.

  • Who should attend?

    It is ideal if the person who is most familiar with your pet’s condition attends the consultation.


  • Insurance

    Please bring your insurance claim form and your policy details with you. For further clarity on our insurance procedures please see our Insurance section.

  • Pet admittance

    Although some referrals may only involve a consultation, it will usually involve further tests and we will often ask to keep your pet with us for further investigation. This will be discussed with you during your consultation.

  • Payment

    Fees are payable at the time of treatment for day cases and on the day of discharge for hospitalised patients. For further clarity on our payment procedures please see our T&Cs section by clicking here. The cost of investigation and treatment can be discussed at the time of the referral or during the consultation.

  • Food & Water

    Please withhold food from 10:00pm the evening before your consultation. Water should be made available at all times. If your pet has any underlying conditions, please contact your vet with regard to feeding.

  • Communication

    Discussion of any surgical procedures will be with you and we will also speak directly with your own vet where appropriate.

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