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Out-patient Ultrasound

Diagnosis quickly and effectively

Out-patient Ultrasound

Diagnosis quickly and effectively

Using our ultrasound and extensive experience, we can help aid the diagnosis of your patient, quickly and effectively.

Our ultrasound out-patient service offers advanced abdominal ultrasound imaging, echocardiography and ultrasound-guided sampling procedures. It is suitable for patients who would benefit from detailed ultrasound imaging and/or ultrasound guided sampling followed by ongoing case management with their primary care clinician. The service is run by Silvana Gomez DVM MRCVS, Referral Clinician in Diagnostic Imaging.

Appointments can be arranged via our referrals platform. Please select ‘Diagnostic Imaging’ and attach the patient history and all recent laboratory results, and note ‘OUTPATIENT ULTRASOUND’ in the comments. Prior to the appointment our reception team will send you a brief additional form to detail which examinations and samples you require. The client will also be sent information about what to expect on the day of the appointment.

Patients will be admitted by a member of our nursing team and clients will be asked to give signed consent for clipping of fur, intravenous catheter placement, sedation as required, ultrasound examination and ultrasound-guided sampling as indicated. After the procedure the patient will be discharged back to the client by a member of the nursing team and instructions for care after any sedation and the procedure will be given.

A detailed report of the ultrasound examination will be sent to you via the Referrals Platform and emailed within 5 days, depending on the urgency of the case, and Silvana will be happy to discuss the findings further by telephone or email if required. Samples will be sent for analysis by VPG and results will be added to the Platform as soon as they are available. We will not report or discuss any results with the client, but our referral clinicians will be happy to give advice on ongoing case management and subsequent referral can be arranged via our referrals platform if required. In the rare case of a finding that requires urgent intervention we will contact you to discuss this and plan next steps prior to any discussion with the client. Similarly, if any additional sampling is appropriate this will be discussed with you first and informed consent obtained from the client.

Pre-appointment advice will be given to clients, which includes:

  • Fasting for 12 hours prior to the appointment
  • Water to be withheld from 7am
  • Avoid urination for 2 hours before appointment
  • Seek advice from primary care clinician or Moorview Referrals about administration of any medications due on the morning of the appointment
  • Seek advice about alternative fasting protocols from Moorview Referrals for diabetics or animals under 3 months of age
  • Discuss pre-appointment medications such as gabapentin with primary care clinician if patient is very anxious

This service includes:

  • Full abdominal ultrasound - £501
  • Specific organ/system ultrasound - £294
  • Doppler echocardiography - £501
  • Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration/Trucut biopsy - £123
  • Cytology (VPG) – from £155.60
  • Histopathology (VPG) - £228.52
  • Sedation - £103 - £135 depending on medications/doses