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Tilly - An Orthopaedic Case


Our orthopaedic surgeons are a team of ISVPS Diplomates and RCVS-recognised Advanced Practitioners who are dedicated to getting pets back on their paws and doing what they love.

We have the expertise and the facilities to diagnose and treat animals quickly, with 24/7 access to advanced diagnostics and round-the-clock support of our Specialist-led neurology service and Emergency & Critical Care Team.

Examples of cases seen, include:

• Fixed-Fee Hip replacement

• Fixed-Fee Joint surgery - including cruciate surgery (TPLO/CCWO/TTA) and luxating patellas

• Fixed-Fee Fracture surgery including advanced procedures

• Angular limb deformity

• Hip and elbow dysplasia

• Arthroscopy

• Fixed-Fee Spinal Surgery

Our Fixed-Fee procedures include consultation, imaging, surgery, aftercare, and a 3-month complication guarantee for orthopaedic cases.

Case Study - ‘Y’ Humeral Condylar Fracture in a Cat

Our orthopaedic surgeons are used to seeing ‘Y’ elbow fractures in Spaniels and French Bulldogs – we routinely operate on these patients 7 days a week as part of our Fixed-Fee surgery package.  But these fractures in cats are very uncommon and, unlike in dogs where an underlying intercondylar fissure is frequently implicated, they usually result from trauma such as a road traffic accident or fall from a height.

Tilly presented to our Emergency and Critical Care team on a Friday afternoon, following an unobserved trauma, and following initial care and stabilisation with them had surgery the following day by Jonathan Deacon, Surgery Advanced Practitioner. 

A combination of a transcondylar screw and bilateral locking plates was used to stabilise the fracture. Fortunately, her radial and medial nerves were intact on exploration of the area.  The surgery was certainly a good deal more fiddly than your average Spaniel, but Tilly went on to make a full recovery.